Payment Options

Pay In Full with Credit Card
Complete the registration process online and pay with your credit card. It's quick, easy and secure.

Qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch
On the final page of the registration process, you will be presented with a payment information page. If you have selected FREE LUNCH you will still need to enter a credit card number to finish your registration. You credit card will not be charged.You will receive a receipt when finished.

Pay In Full with Cash/Check
You must select the Pay With Cash/Check option under the season for which you are registering. Complete all of the online forms (you will be presented with once you have completed all steps), and then bring your cash/check payment into the office.

Team Manager
You must select Team Manager under the season for which you are registering.

Welcome to the Activity / Athletic Registration
and Payment Website

On this site you will be able to complete the Minnesota State High School league forms, find additional activity documents and pay school activity / athletic fees. Take a moment to review your payment options indicated on the left side of this page, then press the button below to begin.

How to Login into Your Student's Account

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you

Your Login Name is your student’s School ID number and your Password is your students Date of Birth converted to a 8-digit number as follows: e.g. 8/11/1995 has been converted to a password of 08111995 or 05/22/2000 converted to 05222000 and a date of 12/09/1998 has been converted to 12091998. Parents can use your portal login to determine your Student's ID and Password if needed.

Ellis—Kelly Lang 507-460-1521

AHS---Kelly Joseph  507-460-1825